Defending Our Divinely Inspired Constitution

In this troubled time, I have felt to speak about the inspired Constitution of the United States. This Constitution is of special importance to our members in the United States, but it is also a common heritage of constitutions around the world. I. A constitution is the foundation of government. It provides structure and limits […]

The Church and the Present War

With a number of young men from each of many wards in the Church serving somewhere in the terrible conflict now raging, it is easily understood why our minds are turned toward the deprecation of war, and to the hope for peace. Thoughts of loved ones are pretty closely linked with their soldier boys in […]

The Cause of Liberty

Clouds hung over the eastern horizon this morning. When I met my associates, I noticed that some of them were carrying their topcoats, but I am pleased to see the sun shining at the opening of this great conference. There are many in the world who see hanging over the international horizon threatening clouds also. […]

Religious Freedom and Fairness for All

Good morning, my dear friends and associates in this great cause. You are an impressive group this morning, with so much potential. I know your participation in these devotionals is highly recommended and encouraged, and many of you have homework, tests, and other commitments, so I thank you for attending and will do my best […]

The Glorious Standard

My brothers and sisters and friends: Because of disturbing trends and alarming conditions in this country of ours which are of great concern to every loyal, patriotic citizen, I desire to draw related analogies between the nation of ancient Israel and our own nation in the light of the revelations of Almighty God concerning both […]

The Lord’s Base of Operations

My brothers and sisters, everywhere: With joy and gratitude I face you today in, and from, this historic Tabernacle. I am grateful to be here: for this fellowship, for freedom to meet in peace, to speak without fear, to attend this inspirational conference. I thank God for freedom — the right of choice. I am […]

Constitutional Government: A Divine Principle

My brothers and sisters: The destiny of America can be realized and the work of the Lord can be accomplished only through the exercising of the guarantees given us in the Constitution of the United States. As part of an official declaration setting forth the belief of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints […]

Idaho Falls Idaho Temple Dedicatory Prayer

O Thou great and eternal God, Father of our spirits, Creator of the heavens, the earth and all things therein; before whom all things are present, whether past or yet to come; full of mercy and love, guided by wisdom, judgment and justice in their perfection; in humility and with thanksgiving and with our hearts […]

The Founding Fathers- Heroes or Villains?

Were the Founding Fathers heroes, or as some claim, villains? Ted Stewart, a federal judge, put this question in its proper light: “Today, it is common to criticize the founders of America. Judging them by today’s standards of equality and justice they do fail. Some owned slaves, none fought to give women equal rights. Most […]

The Founding Fathers: Coincidence or providence?

Did the Founding Fathers coincidentally and conveniently appear on the scene at the same time or were they raised up by God at a specific time for a divine purpose? F. W. Boreham, a Baptist minister and author, gave us some profound insights on how God directs and influences the destiny of nations: “(In 1809) men […]